equivalent trade

i realised the imptance of physics ytd. when i opened the refrigerator door ytd, a bottle of peanut butter fell and slammed into my toe. then there was alot of pain and a bit of blood la. the point is, we shld never forget newton and intertia. i have no idea what speed that bottle of peanut butter fell, but given f = ma, and the bottle was still quite full, the m must be quite big zzz. -.- so the f must be big too. luckily we finished the jumbo bottle. the best part of all this? i was the one who put the bottle of peanut butter at the door.

watching Fullmetal Alchemist(the 1st anime) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. i like both la actually. the second one is easier to follow i think, cos it has less flashbacks. but then again, if you never read the manga, the first one would seem pretty good too. 🙂 oh ya i think the movie is the best! i didnt watch them in order la, but i find them all good. and i havent finish bakuman and zombie loan. i’m really in the holiday mood now hahahahaha.

sometimes i think living life in fiction is so so so so much better.

oh ya Hilary Duff’s going to join the cast in Gossip Girl season 3. it’s kind of weird. disney girl + evil schemes = season 3. but anyway, i quite look forward to it. 🙂


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