is it today? i’m not exactly sure. but either way, shldnt matter.

i think i can never ever ever be a teacher. yes i see ppl exclaim in delight whenever they do tutoring, for kids. i can’t do that. spare me the torture. i’m starting to really think teachers are… interesting and respectable ppl. shall show my appreciation(i wanted to write ‘pay my respects’ but sounds… wrong.) on teachers’ day. how can they stand it?!

teaching makes me feel like a sinner. you will see all my horrible points. my temper, my lack of patience… basically this 2 can alr make a devil. ahem for example, someone in school. i forgot to mention, i’m teaching my elders. please dun strike me with lightning when the devil part of me is awakened.

i find Michelle Branch’s songs really really good. as in, those kind where you dun mind listening to over and over and over again, no matter how many years it has been. and i think i read somewhere that she will be releasing a new album this year! 😀

it’s hard to be a billionaire, even harder to be one at heart.

i pass each day having less to say. why can’t i be some inspirational philosopher?! every word i sprout would seem so… enlightening.

oh i just realised the Michael Jackson rehearsal footage is on youtube alr. read abt him on Time, heard abt him on the radio. i got to say, he’s really quite an extraordinaire. the King of Pop is not for nothing.


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