if it makes you feel more sane…


today was a long day. 4th day of school and it alr feels like the 4th week. oh well, tmr is friday! 😀 unexplainable joy. mondays are blue, fridays are yellow. ooh and i got 15 hours from 2b cip! wow that would really help alot. considering that i did so little for last year and this year. but, it’s not reflected on my cip cert, so gotta go find mr zong tmr…

soccer… sometimes i feel like being violent and pushing ppl away from the ball. which obviously is impossible. i’m so gentle~ heheheh. but it was rather fun la, except for the part that the grass was wet, and i fell. -.-

what’s the matter with you? and how can kathy predict the future?! i refuse to believe that!!!!!!!!! anyway she was only partially correct, i bet it’s just coincidence. and, it is no longer the same. your re-appearance does not have the same effect anymore.
had a short conversation with huishan. but i guess she’s right. it works the same way, just like how i wouldnt want to be inferior to -ahem- someone. hahaha then i thought abt the lang arts democracy video. if i were to list all her bad points, that’s so easy! haha i feel so evil. ^^


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