it’s over

Sunday, Jun 28th, 2009 — You could be overly analytical today because you aren’t too keen to get into an intense emotional drama. It’s easy for you to convey your ideas, even if they are based on a complex matrix of interrelated thoughts. But describing the simplest feeling can send you into a tailspin of self-doubt because you cannot find the right words. It’s pointless to judge yourself harshly; just take a deep breath and do the best you can, even if you’re on unfamiliar ground.

a little something to lighten up heheh. 😀

hols are ending. hmm i dun think i will really miss the hols this time except for the not going to school part. cos this hols was… or wasnt that jam packed with fun or anything at all. trainings were cut down, not alot of buzz, not alot of meet ups. honestly i’m not expecting any juicy news abt anyone from anyone tmr too. you know, the scandalous things haha. i just find it interesting to hear stuff like that, not that anyone shld comment on whatever that happened(cos of ethics, morals… but who really bothers that much la). hearing the different versions is really quite funny, such as the super drama version, the biased ones…

right now, it feels like the hols has just started.


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