coke unagi and the rain

i love this song! 😀 if you dun, WHYYYYYYYYYYY!

heheh going to do some more hw, namely maths and CHINESE, l8r. woke up at nearly 12, so now it feels weird that only a few hours have passed and it’s alr 3 plus. well, i spent the 3 hours pretty productively. watched gossip girl(until i couldnt find the links): ), sort of cooked lunch, spent a while on facebook, debated very badly if i shld go start a conversation with some ppl. which i didnt……….. long story, nvm shall not go into the details. and then i’m here. i thought it was quite well spent haha. 🙂

no more cca until further notice cos of h1n1. i dun really think it will help the situation, but anyway this piece of news is good for some, bad for some, so i shld not elaborate. 5 more days until sch reopens, i really really got to make something out of this hols.

maybe closed you out. it can be hard looking into my mind i think. and, shld i try again? one last time la hor, then that’s it. yes go go steph. i sound like an addict la.

last time, done. why do i still feel that regetful feeling. i would definitely hate to admit that what someone said was right. say what you feel. i dunno i can’t seem to even get the words up my throat, much less the mouth.

ok no more. hw! and i’ll start dreaming abt unagi(japanese eel).


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