this seems to be part of my daily routine alr.

i think i may be able to finish my hw afterall. -beams- if i do one compo per day, leave the easier ones on tues and thurs, finish the paper 2 today…. i shld be able to make it. and probably get the weekend to myself! -mega beams- ah please dun be mistaken that i finished every single blank of the assignments and hw other than chinese. there is like at least one or two(i mean qns left blank) in every one of them. heheh esp maths. calculus is like… horrible. i think i’m really bad at it. come on la i can do the sec 3 topics without referring to anything and suddenly when it comes to calculus i seriously considered skipping the 2 pages ‘accidentally’. oh i havent finish the environment assignment… but he say dun need to hand in ma. but still, chem test on the second lesson, aka tues.

going to call the polyclinic tmr. want to quickly settle the thing by the end of the hols. or at least get the letter. i reckon it will take eons before the date of the referral letter comes anyway. and what do you know, it could be the next hols hahahaha.


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