i think i’m starting to have second thoughts abt getting braces. hmm shall consult my parents first la. abt the cost and stuff. need to get referral letter first, heheh subsidies. i think dentists earn alot of money. $$$$

anyway, had training today. quite ok la, but i hate all that running. and my service 100% during the match yay! πŸ˜€ so rare you know. but my setting ahhh haiya. then went to do cid. ok la, not too bad i think. planted green beans. grow grow grow! had this motherly feeling when we planted them hahahaha. πŸ™‚ took the long way home(51 and 176). talked abt plenty of stuff with kathy when waiting for 176. ok la, actually not alot, revolves around 2 people only, of course also abt like what happened in the past. haha i thought it was pretty interesting. and how it makes me feel and think. and all that REGRETS! seriously i can’t really rmb what last year was all abt too. like how i got to know the ppl i know now.

sometimes hols seem to make ppl more depressed. like, too much time to think? ok i’m not the kind of commitments-ahoy!-person, so usually my hols revolve around hw, cca and bits of projects sometimes. so when there is no cca and i dun want to do hw or the projects, i’m quite free la. and then i start thinking ALOT. the past just gushes into my mind. like a broken record, they keep playing. and i can’t stop thinking abt it. quite depressing sometimes. haiya it’s hard to explain.

sometimes(ok now, these days), i wished i hadnt claimed that drink from the bet yet. or that i hadnt moved away when things got close. although i can’t do anything now, cos what i shld do is beyond my limitations, i still wish i hadnt done or shld have done some things.

to say how you feel.


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