let it pass

like seriously.

anyway, today felt like chinese new year cos it’s been cleaning cleaning cleaning all around the house. and since my brothers and father chose the right time to go out, i’m left to help with the cleaning. had a crazy thought that the windows shld be cemented over so that i wont have to clean anything. but then again, breezy house is usually the better option. clean sheets for the bed too. ok so maybe i didnt do alot.

i realised umbrella isnt such a bad song afterall. the lyrics seem quite interesting actually. and i like the mcfly cover more. mandy moore’s isnt that bad either. just depends on whether you like the slow or faster rockier version. wah alot of ppl covered her song. linkin park, all time low, mandy moore, mcfly, plain white t’s, and this vanilla sky one(really funny but didnt sound too bad!).

maybe i’d go watch gossip girl. badminton today! i’m going to own you bro!


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