this is the last straw

hahaha my brother started watching gossip girl, and since i lost almost all faith in the television now, i watched it with him. not bad la haha like watching mean girls all over again. i always watch things years/months/long time after ppl tell me to watch. so maybe few years l8r i’d be talking abt bof heheheh so lag la.

yeah and i changed the mozilla theme thing. woohooo really quite pretty la~ makes me feel happy while using the internet. πŸ™‚

first week of hols coming to an end though. 😦 at least i started on some hw le. do bit by bit! but then again, my bro said, i used to think do bit by bit was good too… until i realised that i’d always start with the easy ones and then by the end of the hols realise that all that’s left are the hard ones, then die. hahahahahaha quite true! couldnt agree more.

turns out there was training in the morning…. and i didnt go. quite last min too, and who will wake up at 7 plus to ans/check your hp. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. kind of hate trainings on saturdays too. you know, weekends are reserved! no matter how boring the day will be, i like it free. πŸ™‚ but then again, you can’t always have things going your way.

time waits for no one! (the girl who leapt through time) wahahaha.

and of course it’s abt time i brought abt a closure, once and for all. even if you appear in my dreams again, you will be the calafare… how to spell. hahaha. some things, we have to wait to happen. some things, we make to happen. like now. when you close a window in your life, another opens. πŸ˜€ i’d do fine. i’m still waiting for the super duper good thing to happen this year though!


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