i finished hao jie chun xiang alr~ love the show! nice story and good actors. all the evil ppl became good ppl alr, and moon ryong and choon hyang are tgt again! šŸ˜€ i think in the show the guy is like super good to the girl la(when he finally falls for her). i dunno how to describe the show, but it’s really one of the best korean dramas i watched. šŸ™‚ plus i think the moon ryong guy is one of the better actors around la, you know… looks and acting skills. šŸ™‚ i feel dreamy now haha. i like them better when they were in their early 20s. maybe cos the age gap is smaller. lalalala it’s a good show! go watch!!!!! šŸ˜€

took me pains to finish the show. i woke up at 7 plus…. unintentionally. so i went to watch the show, left 3 episodes. everything went well, one hour for one episode. then stomachache…. for a while then started to watch the last episode. impt episode somemore leh. then things started happening, spent 3 hours plus b4 i could officially start the last episode properly. nono, it isnt technical error, it’s the ppl around me. -daos- seriously la! i watch until i can feel for the characters alr then you all come and disturb me. eh very annoying one right! but anyway, since after all the things ended and everyone left and i was left alone(woohooo~ note: i’m not anti social, it’s just impt to stay away from trouble when you know there obviously will be) and i could watch the show in peace, my anger dissipated.

do you ever have some sort of weird feeling when you finish like a (maybe)super touching love story? i dunno, i do. and it’s like a floaty feeling, not that you wish to have such an experience, well, not completely, but maybe…. cos you wished certain things have not ended with someone else. it’s kind of like you want to go back to the past or something. anyway, this feeling causes me to lose my focus in anything i’m doing lor. which is why i sometimes rather not watch such shows. but! still go watch hao jie chun xiang if you havent! šŸ˜€

oh yeah holidays are here! what shall i watch next? šŸ™‚


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