whatever it takes

hmm i dunno if the image will disappear again. but anyway, i’m still watching hjcx. 🙂 and hor. wahlao it’s always sad to see ppl who love each other part due to other ppl. although the other guy quite romantic la, but too old alr. and too leng3 mo4 le. chaerin is ok la, just too evil.

lalalala. i hope tmr will be a good day. hope that phy prac will be ok. and that the bmt thing will not be as serious as the ahem person said. feel so laidback now, like it’s alr the hols. but i can’t help it la. i want to spam dramas/shows. which i never really did in the past. thirst for stories. may make a trip to the library during the hols afterall. 8)

woke up sticky and sweaty in the morn-ternoon. had a nightmare i guess, but it’s the milder kind. got chased, and i was playing a game of cat and mouse. not very nice. i gave up in the end, can’t rmb what happened to me though. and i woke up, hoping to seek comfort/talk to someone. sigh.


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