this feeling totally sucks. fatigue, hunger, desperation, anger…

havent felt soooooo freaking tired for ages. 6 rounds ytd and jumped around, hmm relatively less than the rest, set-ed for quite long until my shoulders and legs ached. woke up with an aching body… ran 8 rounds for pe. from lane 1 to 8, seriously think that running from lane 8 to 1 would be much much better. ached even more. i hate running! đŸ˜¡ what’s the point, esp around the track. ultimately you go back to the start. so you spend about 20-30 mins to get to nowhere. i know it’s good for the body blah blah blah, but it feels especially torturous nowadays. T_T

feel hungry despite the amount of oil in the food for recess. btw, oil is good! fuels your body!(in a way) but the fatigue is more overwhelming. now i even find lifting a spoon and chewing kind of tiring. yet i also have this craving to eat/drink chips(any kind, any flavour! hmm no, all kinds and all flavours!), chocolate(the dark, creamy, rich kind), coke~~, meat meat meat, cheeeeeeeeeeeese! seafood! i dun mind dying eating all this.

the rest… kind of personal. and i’m too tired to type. shall end here.


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