so why can’t you see

i just thought maybe i shld set higher expectations for myself next time. well, maybe la. because you never know how much potential you have. afterall it’s like a bottomless pit and you will never know how deep it is. maybe i’d have a benchmark plus an ideal goal. ideal goal la just try lor, but the benchmark is a must. lol this whole thing seems to unrealistic hahahaha i dunno how long more i can persist on it.

anyway, felt pretty tired ytd. b4 cca, during cca and after cca. must work harder! fitness totally went downnnnnnnnnnnn. quite bad la. and i need new shoes alr. the school/sports(or so they say) shoes is purely for walking and running anywhere but the court. just feels weird wearing them there la.

do you believe in fengshui? i know this may be superstition, but sometimes when it matches reality you can’t help not believing, or at least half-believing it. anyway, not very convenient to say it here. even if it is true, i have to overcome this.

meanwhile i still havent found a photo for the chinese hw. somehow when i need someone to walk out on the roads at night, there is no one. heheh i live second floor only, plus i have a so-so camera, i can get quite ok photos.

If I don’t say this now I will surely break
As I’m leaving the one I want to take
Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait
My heart has started to separate

i shld seriously stop thinking so much abt certain things. shall let nature take its course. enjoy the life of being free, as in, not tied down by (almost)anything or anyone! yup.

oh ya. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUISHAN! 😀 (15th may) may all your ahem weird wishes come true. hope you got more presents! shall try to get you smth nice too! 🙂


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