i almost freaked out when i saw the date of the computer, 3rd may. then i thought omg it’s sunday today meh?! well, technically it is alr, but like few minutes ago it wasnt. so yeah i still have 10 plus hours to study unless i decide to forgo my sleep, then i’d have abt 20? hmm today(2nd may) was quite productive. 🙂 finished maths p1 revision and coasts for geog. out of these 4 days, these is one of the better days le. wed – phy until…. T_T, thurs – phy + chem, fri – chem + maths/ss(eh i tried to do ss lor, but my hatred for it was too strong. so i went to do maths, but it was quite late alr), today – maths + geog.

actually i didnt really finish all he subjects above la. read, memorized some, left the rest for the day b4 the end of the world the exam.

i have some really content-heavy subjects left, namely geog + bio + ss(zzz), so i better get going. 🙂 tmr(3rd may) is language day! ok bye.


ok so blogger was slower -.-


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