growing pains


i hereby proclaim that i feel stupid, useless and un-confident. qualities which i thought i’d never feel. although i usually dun go around with the opposite words floating around me or having such aura, i’ve never felt that much negativity within so many days. and headaches dun feel like normal headaches anymore. like, the headaches you have now are because of what you do, which by right you are able to control, whereas usually headaches come cos of some biological thing instead. sigh, never had so much stress b4. although no one really seem to be saying, eh you need to get good gpa/get a1s/do well in this-this-that-that, it just feels like an obligation alr. oblige or you die. well, maybe this year is crucial. cos sec4 = choose sub combi = hint hint of what job you may want to do = future = your money, your life, your everything. perhaps this is a little exaggerated, that is what 2009 seem to mean to me (academically, which again, is almost everything now).

oh did i mention that i have rather outstanding siblings. not 1 but 2. T_T it’s easy to say heck la, but ultimately……. (er that’s the end of the paragraph, i dun feel like typing much le.)

and then imagine other ppl around your age earning trucks of money and being famous. as long as they dun offend anyone, and continue doing what they do best, tralala no worries for the many many years ahead.

it further annoys me that the radio isnt playing anything good. i have no interest in songs that are teary/ draggy/ senseless.

i’m not going to sleep until i finish at least 2 more topics. grrrrr. i shall/will/must not crumble.


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