mid years are coming in abt 2 weeks time? this time i’m quite worried. sigh, the problem when you have older siblings who are quite intellectual is that you have to somehow reach that standard. ok, other than that, i want to be at least as good as them or somewhere near their standard. i want to prove that even though i’m not in the highly sought after school which is opposite -ahem- hci, i can do as well. although i highly doubt the fact la. i know i isnt true la, for me, haha didnt even manage to get in many many many years ago. it’s a long story… the opposite hci thing.

but anyway, mid years… no confidence no confidence. doesnt even seem like there’s a single subject i can go like, aiya this one ah last one then study la. seems to be alot to start from in the first place. you tell me how.

the only good news is that, i figured out why i couldnt do trigo properly alr. yuan lai there’s a part 4 of the notes which i forgot abt and obviously forgot abt the existence of sine/cosine rules… which is why i couldnt solve much for qns without right angle triangles. lalalalalalalala there is hope, i say! maths impt leh, double subject.

phy, chem, maths, geog, bio, chinese, lang arts, ss. maybe i shld study in this order, must go check the exam timetable. no time to waste! chop chop~ what an academic post. haha actually the purpose of coming online was to ask help for phy.

a promise to keep.


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