Basil of Baker Street

can’t believe i’ve been typing here for almost 4 years haha, like raising a kid.

anyway. i realised alot of animated films use a mouse/rat as it’s main character. quite cute la, but i suppose it’d be hard to stand out anymore. probably more, but….

1) Fantasia
2) The Tale of Desperaux
3) Ratatouille
4) Stuart Little
5) An American Tail
6) The Great Mouse Detective
7) The Secret of NIMH
8) Flushed Away
9) The Rescuers Down Under

i think that’s alot alr.

btw, The Great Mouse Detective is good! 😀 (i think i’m quite deprived of a proper childhood haha)

Basil: There’s always a chance, Doctor, as long as one can think.


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