i’m so going to die for bio test zzzzzzzzzz. so depressing. and then i’d die for chem too, maybe maths cos of sets grrrr. phy seems more hopeful, lol that’s quite unexpected. i shld join the landfill in pulau semakau zzz.

and then i’m running into cashflow problems(soon). sigh, unexpected expenses. i shld have cleared my debts by now you know! i saved up so hard the other time to clear those debts then now, again. every month once leh, even more accurate than the da4 yi2 ma1. sigh may even worse lor, so many ppl’s birthday, can starve for the month alr. my pocket money is always just nice for me to eat(a good meal = wont feel hungry easily), so yeah, have to save up again, sian. i’d never have any prospects in business lor.

i think today i divulged alot abt my nowhere-here-nor-there-practically-non-existent-love-life. hahahaha actually if you really count it i dun think i ever really really reallllllllllly liked someone. except once or twice. lol but then again, i must had been blind lor. ok jk la. sigh.

got to go ask for some money first. then start saving all over again. ): this is one of the times you have to admit being born with a silver spoon and golden toilet bowl and having a palace as your room seems cool 🙂 …. but nevertheless it is crazy and impossible.

maybe it’s because i stopped putting that wound under the microscope. soon, it becomes so insignificant you wont even rmb what happened.


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