going to interview nz ppl tmr(at least i hope we get to). but yeah, the qns are non-offensive, so since the nz ppl seem nice, shldnt be a prob hahahahaha. oh yeah must go pack a cam for tmr. will be a long day i think. ok la start from 0730 until they finish lunch ba. half a day. so longggggg and early. feature feature feature~ i think it’s cooler than hard news but harder to write lollll. oh well, it supposed to be fun anyway. 🙂

going to rain soon….. so nice to sleep la. friday nights are the best, somehow.

lalalala pe was quite ok although it wasnt badminton. practised 5 stations although we didnt cover all. wahlao sit and reach…. the one station that doesnt require any sweat -.- lol i ran the shuttle run twice. seriously i know i could be alot faster! if i had better shoes….. hahahahahaha ms loo actually said, on that day just make sure you have clean shoes. or smth like that hahahahaha. then standing broad jump. suddenly i could jump 195! (after several 170 plus in front hahah) yay~ but i wasnt as high as kathy la cos after that 195 i started to jump 180 plus, which is in comparison worse la. lol.

recess was………… I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING. i nv tou1 xiao4 leh. (ok this only kathy ong know, and she’s the only one who keeps reminding me abt it la.) but really, when that happened, i didnt feel anything much la, abit nervous maybe cos very long nv talk alr what, and thinking of strange things HAHAHAHA. like, i’m very sweaty now leh why are you……………..? there’s nothing anymore. even if it’s the right person, it isn’t the right time. yeah sounds dramatic HAHA. i’m a non-observant person and i can’t catch hints well and i can’t stand contact sometimes(seriously i dunno why it just happens), this i really have to admit hahahahaha.

meeting for geo-trail! jiayou ppl!!!!!! 🙂 let’s pray that most of the check points are in the west.

i think i’m quite ignorant abt my surroundings too. so i better not say that other ppl are oblivious to their surroundings anymore.


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