money sucker

sigh that 6 dollars is added to my phone bill. T_T confirmed plus chop thanks to the support of the company. sighhhhhhhhhhh.

it’s the first day of term 2. a freaking long day.

963 trip was hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

i’m back. scammers shld be the first to go to hell. ok, if they do no harm it’s ok.

i’m so tired and i;m just waiting for a lecture soon, just depends on when the bill comes or when i decide is a good time to say all that. i hate scammers/ppl who scam by tricking ppl and putting everything in fanciful words. helped my mum translate some stuff from the bank, i realised some terms are quite -vulgarities blah blah-. seriously i hate this kind of thing. esp after that 6 dollars incident.

i hate lies, esp those which use you and/or take advantage. i dun like the feeling of being made use of, actually i alr got that last year but whatever it’s lame. i dun like the feeling of being indebted to some one, you feel obliged to do things for them because you’re forced to be “rescued” by them.

random post lalala. life sucks.


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