one more day

let’s start from yesterday.

firstly, i was !@#$% pissed with myself. at the same time, i was somehow scared too. i swear i’d never ever do this again. i feel scammed, but there’s nothing i can do but blame myself for my stupid-ness. i’d tell u the ironic part later. so, ytd i went to facebook then got this IQ test thing(some ad one i think) so yeah i see, eh quite cute leh so i went to do. and there was this part that asked for hp number then i thought it was one of the qns since the previous ones were quite retarded. then i ans and sms-ed back(!), and bloody hell cos i never read the t&c, i accidentally subscribed to the services. tadah, 6 dollars to my phone bill. yeah i stopped the services or whatever shit it is, 6 dollars a week? go die la, u know i can go kfc to eat. probably twice somemore. so shit la, dunno how to jiao1 dai4 to my dad. although i think i can just tell him and then pay for the 6 dollars myself la, since it’s my mistake. but wahlao i feel scammed. oh yeah the ironic thing is, they told me i had an IQ higher than avg ppl.

so now i’m trying to seem sad so that my dad will come ask why then i can tell him then yeah, better than walking straight up and get lectured later on. ok neither way seems good. i’d just have to face the consequences. or, hope that somehow they didnt charge 6 dollars. T_T bloody hell, i’m not returning to facebook. i can’t seem to get higher scores anyway.

you know i used to have this phobia/insecurity towards technological stuff, as in those web/hp/internet things. cos yeah i watched alot of crimewatch and tv, and see ppl get scammed/raped/robbed etc etc. but as i grew up i started to stop having that feeling. but now, the feeling came back. only those sites i use alot, like hotmail/blogger/wiki seems ok. T_T damn it i feel so stupid. i can forget abt my gpa 3.3 + all-sci-a1 goal. T_T

secondly, school’s going to start tmr. enough said, you know how it feels.

thirdly, i’m still very sad now. esp since my dad treated me and the family to quite some food ytd. feels bad to tell him, eh ur daughter wasted 6 dollars away. btw, you know 1 spring chicken costs 6.50!?!? yes i’m money-minded. but money is impt. you know phrase, 钱不是万能,但没钱却是万万不能. i totally agree with it. with 6 dollars, i can buy almost 1 long sock out of the pair…. T_T i’m sorry, maybe 6 dollars seem nth to you, but it can provide at least 3 recesses. and help so many ppl. now it’s gone to some scammer shit company. i mean, i rather donate it than to give it to this shit company.

fourthly, now i’m even more motivated to work harder despite my stupid-ness. yeah now it’s even more obvious. T_T BUT i will work harder, get good results, be a doctor. earn money-ayyyy. hui2 kui4 she4 hui4. is that right, as in the phrase. yup, hence i’m thinking, shld i join interact? or find my own cip, which wil be quite difficult i think. or shld i join sci club and probably not get any chance of participating in anything since we already have that knowledge gap. hmm the helping part is more impt right…. is it? shall go back ask the interact ppl.

fifthly, i’ve been having runs in the morning and headaches at night. 😦

lastly, have i been feeling that for the past few days? shittttttt. this isn’t the right time.



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