green tea to soothe the nerves

some of my msn contacts came back onto earth and i see the regulars online again. 🙂 going to have friendly with rjc tmr. i scared later get scammed and they are not noobs at all. but then again, we’ll see. have to wear no.5 tmr, i like 9 better. -.- shldnt have decided to change no. that time. i hope that tmr will be a good day. 🙂 havent setted for……. very long, hai.

went to the kampong. alot less animals around. going to do editing on thurs i think. came home, cleaned the fish tank, i hope they dun die, read random ppl’s blog, and ended up blogging. i’m tired.

ok i just hope that everything will go on well for tmr and for nusgc 🙂

TRACE THE MOMENT FOR FOREVER! ok i put that display name for a few months alr haha but starting to really like it now only. lol cos i just realised it seemed quite cool. 🙂

watched the tale of despereaux, did i spell that right, anyway it’s kind of cute. but the story is quite long-winded to me la. despereaux shld have made more appearances. lol and the vegetable-genie thing hahaha. ok la, not the best animated film, but not too bad either. 🙂

i get uncomfortable once i know that ppl read this often but not say anything but knows (almost)everything that goes through my mind. yeah therefore, i’m not going to publicise the new url. maybe just to some ppl hahahaha.

btw i think my temper is getting worse. 😦 when i can’t stand things(which i thought i could last time), those wtf-wtf-wtf-wtf-s run repeatedly in my mind. and, i dunno, like a relay of vulgarities. maybe i’ve really changed.

aims for the year: be a good person, get reasonably good results(3.3? + A-s in sciences lol crazy), do well in vball, be a happy person, have a better social life. haha if i achieve all of these ah………… i must be dreaming. but then again, no harm trying. 🙂


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