black and white

going to get new specs since the old one is out of shape and my degree increased to 400, now i cannot brag abt my better-than-other-ppl eyesight. i dun think the new one looked very nice either la, but nvm la, it’s not that impt right? haha but anyway i didnt get white ones la, i attempted to but the shop which was quite peaceful… didnt have any nice ones. the cheaper ones are so-so but since it’s recession i dun think it’s very nice to ask for the crazier priced frames anyway. i realised, maybe it’s time for me to become fairer, it’s hard to find frames that match my tan zzz.

i didnt realise that the degree increased, no feeling leh. some more increase by 100 plus. astig went up by a bit only yay. hanni said astig too high can go blind. zzz lala at least never increase too much. hahaha when i start earning my own money i’d get contacts haha must have an aim to work hard! also no mood to wear them now la.

got back results, despite failing geog, i got 3.0, which was quite surprising(after i calculated it ytd). i think i was lowest for geog in class. thankfully some unexpected subjects like ss and chi saved the day. i think talking to teachers alone abt grades is quite scary. like, so sad abt some subjects alr then they still point it out and ask why… it feels hard to ans. but anyway, term one only, got to work hard for term 2.

i still can’t make up my mind abt subject combination. bio chem/ phy chem, i think the former is risky(if you want a well-paying job). sigh nvm la talk again next time.

soon, i will be able to see again. :]

march hols: nusgc :), training(quite fun ytd btw) :D, hw, journalism thing, misc things.


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