boring post for a boring day

i’ve mastered the art of being a patient person thanks to the ultra slow internet connection, hanging firefox windows and previously, a slow comp(that was 6 years ago haha). yeah you can disagree if you want.

anyway, i finished the physics assignment by myself! including the ask part which i indeed ‘ask’ed around for help. but no one seem to have done it. but i did! first time in 4 years have i ever finished phy myself. sometimes exams also dun finish lor. lol even if wrong also nvm la, no point feeling joyous over other ppl’s work that was being diligently copied. this year, i really cut down on copying. i really refer only, double check ans la, and like ask for help haha. lol this better help and make me smarter!

hate to do chinese compres. esp the open ended qn. i rather do a one-sided view and get a higher mark than the attempt to do two views and make myself seem lousier than i really am. really. ya la huishan you chinese a2. but my ss a1! what has gotten into us lol. used to be the opposite haha.

my father’s overseas, now the house seems exceptionally quiet. hmm a very conducive studying environment. sigh i used to complain that it was too noisy, now it’s too quiet. -.-

my right leg is aching. i dunno what i did. in fact i only went for cca for one hour on fri. you know the muscle from the calf to the ankle. it aches when i stretch it. somehow, the 2 calfs seem to be of diff size now. hahah maybe it’s just my imagination. i rmb both calfs cramped when i did skipping on a rainy day lol, then ever since that day, it seemed to ache easily. sigh must be getting old.


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