and i got swept away(ayyy)

haha i was trying to look for wallpapers. then link link link until dinosaurs, the formation of earth, the different eras/ages, evolution, extinction. lol damn cool but there are alot of terms which i dun understand. but still damn cool. they say there’s a prediction of another mass extinction, 6th one in fact, in 2100 due to all the human activities. ya the global warming stuff.

scrolled down some more just now. the images of the dinosaurs… xia4 si3 ren2. as in, hmm very unusual. the prehistoric animals are cool but a little frightening. or maybe it’s just me la heheh.

Did You Know?
Large and Unlucky

During the mass extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous period, about 65 million years ago, every animal weighing more than about 100 pounds (50 kilograms) disappeared from the face of the Earth.

i would have barely survived. if i trust that yongen’s weight machine is more accurate than the school’s.

oh some fossilized dinosaur hand print suggests that two-legged meat-eaters, or theropods, carried their arms in an inward-facing, birdlike posture during the early Jurassic period, much earlier than this trait was thought to have developed. so the t-rex may not have had its palms carried face-down all this while. in fact if they did, they would have dislocated their shoulders.

archaeology is coooool 🙂 lol i rmb it was one of my many ambitions. but the cool things are usually hard to find here. ooh there’s a fish with a transparent head!~

all info in courtesy of national geographic.

i think everything that happened ytd will be ok ultimately, eventually.
it’s weird to feel so affected even though i’m just an onlooker.


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