loved and lost/never loved at all

400th post. my brother finally realised i have a blog. lol after 400 posts and about 4 years?

anyway i’m doomed for lang arts test tmr. i’m very very sure. this time, i can’t even generate good points to talk abt. basically just scrapping off from the notes or whatever i copied. i bet this will be worse than the family essay. you know, it;s like if you got inspiration/good points/wonderful understanding of the topic, surely you will be able to talk talk talk talk in the essay. everything comes and flow. sian die alr. if this essay turn out better than the previous one, it’s be damn O.O which cannot be true btw. i trust my instincts.

on a lighter note, today was quite a happy day. as in, it’s worthed being happy. no hw to chiong in the morning, play games for pe, maths test results :), physics test results, that journalism thing(!!) i think it sounds cool btw, slack day, ppl are starting to like tau huay. except for lang arts which was quite a brain cells killer. i knew i shld have started planning long time ago since i want to score better and since i know the qn alr. yeah i knew, but i didnt.

and on the flipside, there’s alot i still feel !@#$%^&* abt. i wish you are who you were. if only i was a better person. that’s what you get when you let your heart win.

eh someone talk to me leh.


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