as deep as the sky

i feel a little better after watching the show… 🙂 hmm i find it quite interesting and cute how a sponge and starfish can cheer me up la. it’s like, sometimes i envy cartoon characters, they do what they want, have loads of fun and almost never die.
i rmb doing grp tile painting in pri school and we drew that. 😀 on four tiles, damn cool. we koped the picture from like a small hp icon thing on the xin1 qi1 wu3 zhou1 bao4, and kept arguing with someone that this is so much better than naruto hahaha. at least easier to draw ma.

i’m feeling quite…. insecure now. monday is coming so soon. i can’t help worrying although i wont be playing. i sort of have a bad feeling, hope it doesnt come true.

i can’t believe how someone can change, in reality and in my mind. and it feels like you dun know the person now. sigh hey, it’s part and parcel of life.


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