sun soaked season

today was quite eventful, in the negative way. in the morning i was alr feeling damn sian alr. probably from ytd la. play in the hall, w/o coach, but strangely more tired than usual. normally just in the morning feel very tired, after a few lessons then okok alr. or maybe cos i slept later… to finish bio assignment(which, hahahahahahaha, i did almost all by myself). not to mention the sleep wasnt that peaceful, since there is company from the mosquito clan. then ran 2.4 for pe. actually i started quite well leh under 4 mins for the first 2 rounds. then i started to walk in the 3rd round, then realised i walk too much, then started sprinting. then in the end, sprint, walk, sprint, walk all the way till the end. felt dizzy, drink water alr even worse, want to vommit. but anyway, all is well now. sometimes i wonder if it’s hui2 guang1 fan3 zhao4, meaning like u sick for very long then suddenly got a burst of energy then u die. ok think too much, but still, it’s quite weird how things work in the world anyway. sigh stamina dropped like alot, haha but the most i ran this year is like 2 rounds only, cos i missed the prev 2.4 and i still went fit grp. missed physics lesson which is sadly practical and stayed back to do after the physics talk. reached home at… 6 plus.

bio test tmr tmr. havent start reading sigh. compt on mon, whole of next week. :X on a lighter note, mrs lee-teo is coming back. 🙂

i think i forgot to say smth.


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