wonderwall :]

went to mr zong’s house to bai4 nian2. 😀 quite ok la. most fun part shld be the gambling part woohoo won 30 cents. i ban-luck 3 times, shld be most amongst the ppl alr la haha. 🙂 hahahahahahahaha. and i mostly won if i bet 10 cents, then start losing when i bet with 20 cents. small money come only la. but small plus small equals big, this kind of thing cannot rush one haha. started betting with 2 five cents, then win until a dollar, then start losing until left twenty cents. last round won hahahaha then returned yongen her 10 cents, so won 30 cents la. but not bad la, actually if i lose everything i’d actually only lose 10 cents lor, if ppl think like that, they wont feel so upset. hahahahahahaha i dunno why but the 30 cents keeps me happy for very long, like although my hair in all the photos are like super messy and i only earned 30 cents, and my heel is aching cos of the shoes.

shall upload photos for today and ytd celebrate jan birthday ppl de, next time, when i got all of them la. hahaha dunno next month got cake or not. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. february tmr! *leaps into the air* 😀

oh ya, happy birthday white/esther!


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