ocean avenue

had a very very bad feeling today. but nothing bad happened. or at least bad enough to make me like emo or something. but my brother just had to say, aiyah when you have this kind of feeling but nth happens, it means the negative energy is accumulating, so the thing that will happen will be very very serious. although i hate to admit, i sort of think he’s right lor. hmm must be mentally prepared. the last time i had this feeling so strong… was when i failed chem T_T

talked abt ghost stories in class. first time i laughed thru half a ghost story la. thanks to erm, kathy haha. but then i’m running out of stories to tell alr la, forgot half of it, told the rest of them.

chihyun go taiwan cny 15 days… wahlao i rmb last time she told me and huishan and minping i think, then we scared like shit la. and the weather was like damn dark and rainy and we were at the bus stop. somemore after telling us alot of the stories then suddenly say, eh actually when we talk abt this kind of things they will gather around us. wth then we all freaked out la. actually i think she say this kind of stories quite pro leh, i was really quite scared lor, on the way home then i blasted music. like rainy day not many ppl on the roads. then sit in living room on tv until very loud. some more that time no one home lor.

quite like this kind of stories but sometimes will get damn freaked out la hahaha. anyone, tell me this kind of stories leh~~~ gory one also can la. quite erm, interesting ma.

🙂 btw i think badminton is fun hahahahahahahaha.

oh ya my bro told me starhub going to do some maintenence thing, so there wont be any tv/broadband on 4th feb, 9am to 6 pm. a wednesday. nice lor, the day i get to go home the earliest. but oh well, maybe i’d still have to stay back that day to do phy or smth la. :/

damn tired. suddenly dun feel like going out tmr alr. but shldnt pangseh ppl la right.


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