black balloon

read geog… but it’s like go in one ear, come out from the other. or maybe it’s brain instead of ear la but you get it. been feeling tired almost every waking hour after cny. can sleep on the bus almost everytime, except it’s like take bus with friends then shld talk instead of sleep ma.

friday tmr! training training hahaha so long never see jiaolian alr. so long never play alr…. die liao la. but anyway i not main 6, so not so worried la. like ok, honestly that’s what i feel la, although the politically correct ans shld be like, i’m not main 6 i must work harder! but then it’s like…. sort of lost hope since dunno when alr. and whenever you think abt the glory days(when i can still set soooo much better, not like very very good la, but better than bad right.), and you compare it to now, you dunno why the hell you can deprove so much, and you cant seem to fix it la. actually being a setter is like, everytime spiker cannot spike the ball properly, you’d feel damn guilty one la, esp in competitions. ok la, that’s what i feel lor. so if really not good enough, wouldnt it’d be better to warm the benches.

wahlao feel so shit to think that way la. sigh.

on a lighter note, badminton tmr~


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