parang parang

i think my jaws opened until can put my fist in just now. !@#$% i realised my hatred/dislike to ego-istic ppl today. careful overdose from your ego pills ah.

maybe i always lead ppl to thinking something which i did not intend to hint. that time like that, this time also. i think i foresee another one, after thinking abt what happened recently. please dun make it come true. or at the very least, even if i did hint(sometimes), i didnt expect them to notice. sigh.

anyway, neopets keyquest got new mini games~~ but i dun think i’d go play la, too slow alr.

Saturday, Jan 24th, 2009 — You are in the final stages of preparation, yet it may take months before you truly realize what you have been getting ready for. It’s probably too late to make new plans or to begin carrying out the ones you already made. Your best bet now is to let go of your attachments to the future, because the Aquarius New Moon Eclipse on Monday is going to precipitate change you cannot yet understand.

ha.ha.ha. i dun really have a good feeling. i thought the change would be the discovery/the whole thing up there.

make up your mind please.


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