‘Fortress the daylight
Come and I stand by
Waiting to catch the quickest plane
Fly me to nowhere
Is better than somewhere
That’s where I’ve been and nothings changed

today was eventful. ups and downs in one day, package lor. i’d shy away from the specifics. but i took alot of photos today hahahahaha quite fun.

the national geographic place is damn cool! 😀 except i havent gone into the freezing chamber thing. saw this seashell ball thing that cost 1000 plus dollars then no one dare to touch lol. and we were fascinated by the aurora thing. if it’s on the omni-theatre screen it’d blown me off my feet. hahahahahaha damn cool la. seriously only cold places can see, so it’s cool too. if i got money ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I SHALL OWN THAT PLACE. lol strangely it really makes me feel not-in-singspore for a while. like tourist la, everything also must ooh and ahhh.

then er talked abt stuff… which i didnt know they would feel the same too! omg. although it seems bad to talk abt it, it seriously feels better/good to know you are not the odd one out.

yeah but there are some down sides today too. hmmm. like abt ppl… doing things i dun really like esp when it’s like long-term. hmm. and occasional sparks of old memories. yeah…

i really shld make up my mind.


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