welcome back?

i decided to continue blogging hahah. and specifically with this url. due to my lack of creativity, i couldnt find a better url and i cant use back the older urls. ): i think the only urls left out there are like… either very weird combinations of adjectives and nouns(although mine seems like one too), or twit-ed ones. btw i dunno how to twit. and i think i’d forget my url faster than anyone of you if i decided to use a twit-ed url. anyway, the reason of the sudden closure and reopening(if you realise) of this shall not be revealed cos i dun really know why i wanted to do that in the first place. zzzzz.

played some neopets ytd. 🙂 and a bit of pokemon heheh. de-stress what. although it wasnt really so helpful, i just wanted to say, HEHEHEH I WON QUITE ALOT FROM THE LUCK/CHANCE GAMES! 😀

strangely, reality is like opposite from the virtual games la. zzzzz. the class is still like, like that lor. cca has been quite zzzzz. comp coming, jiaolian coming back too. maybe that’s a good thing.

you know, i used to think that i have good-human-relationship-skills. as in pretty good eq. my dad said so too, i dun offend ppl. although i think the main reason is cos i dun even bother to la. why say things that ppl hate, unless there’s a need to. but now, i kind of think it’s not so true anymore, looking at everything now. anyway, it’s kind of hard to explain this whole incident. i really hate the feeling it’s giving me. so much restrictions, to what i say/what i do to a person. what’s more i seriously dun think i got say/do anything wrong. and i think i was quite pissed off that day at the person’s reaction. and i very much want to say, oi is you start one lor. once or twice jiu suan le, but dun you think you are overdoing things? i have limits to my patience too. you are not the only one with feelings and emotions. for someone who have lived for more than a decade, shldnt you be more mature?

maybe i’m wrong, cos i really dun understand you. maybe i lead you to thinking that i’m flawless/something along that line. but you just never saw the worse part of me. like now, talking abt it. i’m sorry, i need (alot of)my personal space, and air to breathe.



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