was trying to think of a chim title, or at least a word. but, nvm.

due to unforeseen circumstances, my bro bought spring chicken aka fried chicken but not kfc, and since the other bro seem to be pms-ing (…) and the bro who bought the chicken cannot eat too much ahem need to watch his weight la…. i almost had the whole chicken to myself. zzz my tummy feels soft again haha.

anyway, guys CAN have pms one lor. i read from readers’ digest before. seriously la, but there’s another term for it i think. the symptoms are quite similar. so guys… when you are feeling stressed out/having abnormal tempers, feel free to say… HORMONES LA! you can also blame the hormones now lol.

today is sunday. tmr is monday. sian, long day. maybe going to find the chem teacher tmr/tues? i dunno, forgot what pnghang say alr.

zonals coming soon… 1 more week? grpings out too, i think it’s quite… !@#$%^&. 3rd year alr leh. hmm got jurong, nanyang, yuhua, huayi and unity. but anyway, JIAYOU PPL!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 i shall cheer/bring water/pick ball/refill water for you all! 😀 haha actually i rather help out like this than to play since i’m not that good, cos… it’s like if i play also will pull the team down la. kept thinking abt what someone said during the cca trials while we were bballing, in a way anyway. forgot who alr. we suddenly started to play vball with the bball, like digging to each other, setting into the hoop. although i die also dun want to play that way la. anyway the person was like saying wah setter if everyday set into the hoop ah sure improve one. then today kept thinking abt that, maybe i shld try lor seriously :\

havent finish bio, sian. sigh i think i dun feel like working hard alr. zzzzzzz that’s why i say my motivations never last long la. but still, must think of the 300/500 dollars/being offered bursary thing, and sakura treat, and of course the satisfaction after working hard. suddenly 3.0 seems so out of reach la. been teetering around there last year :\ haiya if it was still sec 2, then mabelyn’s influence surely can help me one. too bad we are so far apart now…. ok la upstairs only, but still, like very long never see her alr haha.

sometimes i feel like i talk more on cyber space than in class. -.-


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