forced wallpaper

damn sick of appearing offline alr. although even if i go online the ppl i talk to are like… those few only. but still i rather float around freely in the cyber space instead of pretending to not be there. haiya dunno how to explain this, maybe it’s just that it sucks to be forced to do something you dun like.

finished maths, as in those we were assigned to do la. and that’s the only hw to do so far i think. and bio and some assignments here and there from the hols.

still damn sleepy now. and i’m starting to get quite angry with the prev post, as in the lower chunk. 😡 although after (finally!!!!!!) finding someone who understands(i suppose la huh) the whole thing aka what i’ve been going through etc etc. the point is, i dun feel like giving in. but i have to la, at least till the zonals are over. 😡 it seems sort of selfish and mean on my part though. :/ but since i’ve alr become the one who seems to be the bad person who makes her upset(but i definitely dun think i did anything wrong), unless i give her the kind of ans she likes(but it’s like i dun like answering this kind of thing la), i suppose this may be the same thing, just worse. or maybe all this while, it’s a misunderstanding. or maybe i’m thinking too much. or maybe i’m really the bad person.

sing a sad song and make it better


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