ok happy new year happy new year, dun really feel so high over it or anything. not exactly cos of school tmr. but partly ya la. still, at least can get to see the rest of the… rv civilisation i guess. orientation…*bucket of water splashes down* kind of scared it will turn out rather leng though. -.- i can’t find my other pe tee. which means i’m left with the one and only and not white one. quite a stark contrast to my bottle, which er… went for a bleach spa recently.

keep forgetting there’s cca tmr. it feels like a sunday.

somehow, i feel uneasy knowing that the other pe tee is somewhere in the house but i dunno where. sigh although it’s a buy-one-get-one-free t shirt, i’m sure it’s one of the whitest pe tee till now. i, have, to, find, it.

and goodbye to neopets until the next advent calendar! 🙂

i feel like changing skin.


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