ella ella eh eh

31st of dec! last day of 2008, haha 2009 is coming! hope it’d be a good year. looks like it will, form teacher is mr zong, got aircon alr, got vending machine! oh well but there’s still orientation, although it feels quite redundant to me. indoor teambuilding on the field. -.- but then again, since we’re going to have orientation, it means that we dun have to hand in hw yet right? *wriggle eyebrows*

anyway, promised to spread the msg, YO BRING PE TEE ON FRI! if anyone see this haha.

watched abit of the countdown on tv, the one at marina bay, haha saw part of a skit. they were singing shut up and let me go and the-sex-bomb-song. lol quite interesting.

oh ya yr 5 start school on the 12 of jan. sian la by then we alr go comp le. no wonder chihyun go taiwan alr still go shanghai la. can become aeroplane alr.

lalala new year. maybe even the air will smell nicer. 😀

edit edit edit.
i forgot,


same day hahaha. u are FINALLY FIFTEEN. i turning sweet sixteen soon alr lor. -.- but i never forget present heheh. :]

oh ya i think the air smells the same.


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