a memorable christmas

2008 has been memorable, eventful yet very sucky at the same time. apparently most of the things i rmb are quite… upsetting. anyway, bad luck doesnt really stop. i guess the most memorable thing this year is that…. my neopets account got hacked on christmas. hoho the irony. the season of giving/joy/everything happy becomes the time to take away things that are not rightfully yours! hurhur stupid asshole hacker i hope you see this. hope you are happy with your loot you asshole. 300,000+ np plus gone, my 2 mths of hard work gone, my earnings from the (free but valuable) codestones gone. and the hacker left me with 646 np, even lesser than what a beginner’s pack got to offer. stupid… lucky it’s only virtual cash. but i think i’d offically quit neopets until the next advent calendar. ^^

then gastric flu. didnt go for the mini cup. eh… can go read joyce’s blog for what happened.

sigh whenever i think of what i gone thru or did this year, i really really regret everything. if only i could turn back time~~~ yeah if only i could. 😦

i’m pretty sure things will be better next year. πŸ™‚ i read abt this theory that if you keep thinking that things are going to go wrong, the more things will tend to go wrong, because in your mind you picture things going wrong, so your actions will follow whatever you pictured. and it works vice versa. thus, ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE~ πŸ™‚ the future will be better!

going to finish hw, yay. 2 and a half more compos! and half of chem and geog. but bascially just need to finish chi and chem first. i think alot of ppl in the class have finished them alr ba. :/

oh ya on 31st dec there’s going to be countdown of the greatest/best (200?) songs of 2008 from 12 noon to 10 pm. my phone die alr. (supposing the songs are really good)

ok the end.


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