it’s been so long now you forgot how to smile

mcfly songs are like healing springs. at least temporarily. but they never release album since a long time alr sigh.

today is the winter solstice, aka the day you eat tangyuan, the day when daytime is the shortest and the night is the longest, and last but not least, the day my eye kept twitching, followed by bad news(in a way). no bloodshed though. aye woke up by a phone call, which i did not even pick up cos the battery died out, and then i woke up. thinking that there was training and i did not wake up so someone called me… then rushed out to see the clock, cos the hp died and i dun have clocks in my room, then it was 9.30(actually got doraemon leh). stoned there, then realised alr had training ytd. -.- and finally was pulled to the kitchen to help out. blah blah blah, er ate alot. then while watching the shui3 gang1 show, my right eye started to twitch.

if i’m not wrong they say, it means you have a premonition that something bad would happen. and another version is that if it’s the left eye it’s a bad thing, right eye is good thing. but still, didnt really pin any hopes la. in the end went to play neopets… and got pretty good prizes here and there.

after that, an answer(sort of) to my own qn -.- , and a stomachache(which i think is caused by it). then the eye stopped twitching. in a way it’s quite accurate i suppose. bad news tadah, but at least i know something i wanted to know a long time ago. i can’t say i totally dun feel anything, but still, get over it. and yes it’s good to delete messages. strange, ppl usually get heart attacks, i get stomachaches. oh well, actually after a while, i felt quite… floaty. not exactly in the happy sense, but at least more relaxed…

winter solstice is quite -.- i dunno, weird.

oh yeah.
feels like a long time since i played with colours like that.

purely your imagination. for fun. or so i think. i did so many similar ones i dunno if i did this one before.

1) Put your iTunes, windows media player, etc on Shuffle.
2) For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4) Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5) Tag 6 people.

1) Are you male or female?
Lifehouse – Broken
lol ren2 yao1 ah. -.-

2) Describe yourself
Brandy – Right Here(Departed)

3) What do people feel when their around you?
Jesse McCartney – She’s No You
if by “she” you mean me, that’s pretty degrading. on the flipside, if by “you” you mean me, haha cool.

4) Describe your current relationship.
Leona Lewis – Forgive Me
although it feels like you hit a raw spot, it’s supposed to NA in the first place anyway.

5) Where would you like to be now?
Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil’ Wayne – Let It Rock

6) How do you feel about love?
Michelle Branch – You Set Me Free
i think i can paste the entire lyrics to let you see why it fits the qn. although i dunno if i ever felt to that extent… -.- you’re in my heart, the only one that shines there in the dark.

7) What’s your life like?
Hilary Duff – Little Voice

8) What would you ask if you only had one wish?
Beatles – Hey Jude
take a sad song and make it better. there’s alot of nanananana-s in the song…

9) If someone says, “is this okay?” what you would say?
Shania Twain – Party For Two

10) How would you describe yourself?
Jonas Brothers – Lovebug

11) What do you like in a guy/girl?
Taylor – Breathe
that they are alive.

12) How do you feel today?
Blink 182 – I Miss You
self explanatory, but not how i feel.

13) What do your friends think of you?
Jesse McCartney – The Best Day Of My Life
see me alr of course is a good day la.

14) What do you think of your parents?
Hoku – Perfect Day
actually no…

15) What do you think about very often?
Taylor Swift – Forever And Always
omg where got so accurate one. ok not dying to be tgt with whoever whatever forever and ever, haiya must listen to the song then can understand one.

16) What is 2+2?
Nitty – Nasty Girl

17) What do you think of the person you like?
Shania Twain – You’re Still the One
pui pui pui. no. wait i think NA is still a better answer.

18) What is you life story?
Lighthouse Family – Lifted
erm, although i live on the 2nd floor, it’s still lifted from the ground. besides, i live on a hill.

19) What do you want to be when you grow up?
LeAnn Rimes – I Need You
-.- if i have to live my life by depending on someone’s existence, i rather end my own existence.

20) What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Plain white T’s – 1234
hahaha i can post the entire lyrics too. there’s only 1 thing 2 do, 3 words, 4 you. but still, the subject of matter is non-existent.

21) What will you dance in your wedding?
Lighthouse Family – Free
sounds so sad! T_T

22) What will they play at your funeral?
Taylor Swift – The Way I Loved You

23) What is your biggest fear?
High School Musical – Breaking Free
on the contrary rather.

24) What is your hobby/interest?
LeAnn Rimes – But I Do Love You

25) What do you think of your friends?
High School Musical – What I’ve Been Looking For
yup yup agreed! finally a good qn in the quiz.


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