when flowers gaze at you,

freaking tired, but it’s only 3.18pm now! kind of happy hahaha still got time before the 4.30 show. it’s a rerun la, and it’s local drama, but it’s one of those that really got local flavour i think. yay going to slack the rest of the day away.

you know if you like heck care alot of things, life gets easier to get by…. until the problems start to resurface. of course to put it in a nicer way i think it’s called escaping reality. but still i rather at least feel happy once in while and then deal with the problems or even consequences than to forever stare straight at whatever’s bugging you and you canot do anything but to let it continue bugging you. -.- i sound like that kind of next time no future person. but at least from my perspective now, that is how i feel la.

everything is going downhill i tell you. i dunno if i’m going vb chalet 😦 or anywhere much. recently… got mini 世界大战.

argh sometimes going out is harder than trying to attain immortality. it’s a long story. my bro is 21, then some of you know la, he a bit no life one. no offense, but he also admit wat. honestly sometimes i hope he break the (unwritten but everyone knows)rules. ok not those extreme, will affect the rest of your life crime, but (supposedly) whatever he does we(the younger ones) can/shld follow la. so if he is expected to be the guideline of the rest of my life… hurhurhur. i like to run my life my own way la, but still, sometimes there are consequences to stuff i do so… hurhurhur. i dun really know how to continue this thing, cos like i said, it’s a long story.

the more i do the chinese compos, the shorter they get. 4 and a half more! i can’t take it alr. i mean zuowen is okay la, but why that kind of exams-die-also-wont-want-to-choose qns. my bro said when he was in chinese high, he din have hol hw. maybe he just nv do la. but still, aye the brains.

oh yeah, had self-training a few days ago. was… interesting. haha siannee and jiayu made cookies for the team! for xmas. jiali made pineapple tarts for us before too. for er… fun i think. haha but both are nice la. i rmb micole made cookies for valentines before also. lol so cool.

actually didnt want to come back here until… two months later. then it’d be mid-feb ahem. haha but still, came here to “念佛经” to all of you, anyone, rather.

yay there’s going to be the doraemon movie with the dinosaur soon!!!!!!! IT’S NICE IT’S NICE IT’S NICE HAHAHA I WATCHED IT BEFORE I’M FASTER THAN SINGAPORE TV!(one of the rare times, but still haha!) lol i rmb they used to show the godzilla movie alot during hari raya/deepavali/some other festival.


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