summer flavoured huat ah

finished watching ponyo on the cliff by the sea a few days ago but decided to talk abt it here now. dongying’s suggestion 😀 i realised it’s a 2008 movie so… for once i’m not lagging. ^^ the movie was good btw. it’s from the same studios that produced my neighbour totoro.

speaking abt totoro, recently i went to the forgot-what-store-name store that sells alot of cartoon stuff toys, opposite the pet shop, on the most top level of vivo, and the giantic totoros are still there! my totoro keychain compared to it is ah…. xiao3 wu1 jian4 da4 wu1. but still if i ever get such a gigantic totoro, i dunno how to bring it back, also dunno what my mum will do to it. ps, she always thinks that stuff toys = dust = allergies, so yeah you get the drift. so to prevent stuff toys from ending up in the salvation army, i rather stuff them into the dark corners of my cupboard. but that kind of totoro, even if i got enough money to buy, i wont be able to stash it away safely. but still, it always makes me happy to see such big merchandise around. somehow haha. 😀

oh ya that doraemon music playing thingy is still there too! and it still cost 100 plus dollars. lol i wonder if anyone would ever buy that. it’s quite cool, but the price is…. very cool too. i think everytime i go that store i’d always look for this and the totoros only haha.

ok i drifted too far.

just now my father dug out my mother’s very very very long time ago photo, which is black and white apparently. and said i looked like my mum haha. i guess so, there is some resemblance. reminds me of little nonya, the daughter always grow up to look like the mother and then their grandmother, then in the end i watched until very confused. according to micole they all, there are 5 generations. -.- sighh slowly watch la no choice.

there’s alot to watch soon. there’s
1. bolt(currently)
2. the tale of despereaux(dec something something)
3. ice age 3(next year july)
4. maybe twilight(alot of ppl seem to go gaga over it la)
5. i havent include animes, maybe voices of a distant star & hell girl(something shoujo in jap i cant rmb)

i think i’m still very childish, like to watch those animated stuff. haiya nvm it’s supposed to be suitable for all ages right. ^^

did i mention my bro gave me quite alot of movie coupons before? and with them i only have to pay around 3 plus or 5 plus for a movie. T_T but i lost them. so…. let’s depend on online resources for now.


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