flavour of the weak

ahhhh why is this happening?!?! i lost my touch… T_T i need to play at least twice before i can clear one stage. ahhhh and the times i played at least twice is once. the rest is like have to keep playing playing playing. this was the game that i used to complain, win until dun want to win alr, and the game i kept playing and winning(those were THE days) during the exams.

but anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, it’s ok i still got some hols left, to play till my hearts content. whatever that phrase is, till my hearts content or to my hearts content. but you get the point.

it’s saturday! ending in another 5 mins time. can finally wash kneepads yay. had kfc for dinner, but i ate until i felt quite sick of it. -.- finished making lx’s present… sorry la cashflow problem so have to make present again. but still…. dun you feel the warmth of handmade presents?~~~ *blink blink*

sigh still got zuowens to do. T_T i fear the nearing of next year alr. not cos of the homework. i’m not sure why, maybe i just like to swim in this slacking, yay-everyday-so-slack-so-happy atmosphere. feels so free. if the year start again, i’d start living by waiting for the next hol everytime. i think i will have/already have, i cant rmb, nightmares abt the coming year alr. dreams these days are so… school like, dry and monotonous.

oh ya, been missing tv shows for the sake of being able to use the com/laptop. at least i watched the last episode of the hk drama… which i have missed alot of episodes in front. if only i have cable tv… i wont mind being a full time couch potato. i’m almost one, except that the current shows on tv keeps me off the sofa most of the time nowadays. if there is free preview channel again, wahahaha i can feel the joy alr.

do you ever have times when you wish that someone will stop sticking soooo close to you. like it’s ok to be close but sometimes it feels so close that the person is like sucking away oxygen from the air you breathe. i’m getting the feeling that i’m becoming zi4 bi4 or something, cos although i know i;m rotting away at home i’m pretty ok with it. maybe not zi4 bi4 la, just feels very opp from what alot of other ppl would feel/think. i’m starting to get sick of crowds.

been only hanging out with team mates. i dun think it’s excessive, it’s just that i hang out too little with the other groups of ppl alr. like when i go on msn and i see some 3e ppl online, i will stare at it for a while, process it then, oh ya i know her/him. zzz, then for 2b ppl it’s like… oh ya xxx, i know i know her/him, but how ah. on the other hand, for the misc grps of ppl like ppl i know elsewhere/pri sch ppl, it feels ok, like they’ve always been around, until it seems ordinary and… no need to think kind of thing. then again, maybe it’s fatigue. o.o

-i forgot what i was going to type-

oh ya. once in a long long while i wish i had not deleted the messages. maybe to refer to them again and just… find something, a hint or anything. maybe to curb boredom. then again, since it’s a had-been thing, why shld i. but still, that every once in a long long while will make me feel sad. like wish that i done something. and then i would start thinking if i was even prepared. (need preparation one or not ah) sighhh, sometimes, is it good to have answers. i shld really stop this kind of little debates in my mind. not much messages recently btw. no gossips, no crap, no nothing. so, hint hint, someone let me know what’s going on with the outside world.

maybe not zi4 bi4, just becoming more like a hermit crab. *wriggles eyebrows*

oh ya oh ya before i forget, i had this very weird dream. that i had the chance to go immersion program(limited to a few supposedly smart ppl hahaha that’s the only good part of the dream) to…… africa. -.- not trying to be racist or anything, but in rv all the places you go is like… china, perth, dunno dunno where, not africa. like very contrasting la. and then if go is have to go for 7 months. (i have no idea why so freaking long) and then if i go i’d miss out like the last year of being with 3e(although i dun love you guys or anything… i still felt sad ok, somehow la) and zonals. go africa dunno do what, study flora and fauna i think. (maybe i read huishan’s blog too much, kranji nature trail also can hun4 into my dream -.-) but in the end i chose not to go haha. cos i’d miss 3e too much! no la not the main reason, cos no money go. haha 7 months leh you think so cheap meh.


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