what i been looking for

kind of regret not going for ydsp. 😦 heard they dabble with sensors, stuff like that. learnt a bit from mechatronics last time(if i’m not wrong), then if i went then maybe could have developed more skills abt that lor. typical education answer la, but still… it sounds fun now. heheh if lucky maybe can pave way for my future career! haha jk la. but can test test see whether i like this sort of stuff what, then you know, it’s always good to try before making any(big) choices in future.

haha talking abt mechatronics, i rmb i managed to program something myself! i think i talked abt it before but heheh brag a bit wont die la. oh my glory days. all the more i shld talk abt it since my life now is… undescribable. in a sense that there is nothing really wow to talk abt alr. haha i rmb that time alot of the seniors went to prep for some even, teachers’ day i think then i was left there. then also dunno how i did it la, copy here and there from the past files, then tadah! i can’t rmb what i programmed la, but i rmb i got some choc for that. 😀 -considering the fact that usually computers like to go against me, it’s a big achivement alr lor-

training today was nothing but match match match. went so early that i could even go into the sch, go toilet and come out to wait for ppl again. then stomachache wait for them until stomach not pain alr. how come the triumph(s) dun bring any joy to me. dun feel any good, sighhh. 😦

i feel so sick/tired/not good. even the weather also like… the-world-is-going-to-end!. you know la, the dark dark kind. then no rain but alot of clouds.

when you know that something is not on the right track but you dun really know what it is, how do you fix the problem. something just feels wrong sighh.


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