it’s a sunny yellow super hot day

the weather doesnt look hot but is very hot.

had training, reached on the dot but the thai coach was there alr and they alr started warm up. did merry-go-round with the wall (100) and the net (200), but din finish the net one la, highest is 190 -.- but yeah i think for once i really very yong4 xin1 la, cos my grp is like all the not bad one then if cos of me then drop ahhhhh, then really dui4 bu4 qi3 them lor. then spike to the wall (300) i think no one finished la, oh yeah everything is continuous, if drop then back to zero. i think i was quite lucky, the grp is quite good de lor. then setting for setters, ahhhhh wahlao really damn lousy lor. then service, learn new steps, hahaha eh i could serve over and more to the back court leh, although it’s like super easy to receive la. but still, it’s a start wat.

i truly understood the meaning of language barrier today. i think the thai coach speak chinese better lor. oh yeah, actually it was quite funny, when we did the spiking stuff then supposed to jump up instead of forward then got some ppl jump forward, towards the wall, then he said dun love wall, love me! LOLLLLLL. then cool down that time, argh the lifting leg thing can kill la. then he talked abt f=ma, competition must do wat… (i think), and that our trainings very little compared to other schools.

then rushed to hci, actually we also never see exhibition properly la, took a few photos then sit down talk alr haha. went to kap with kathy, haha talked quite alot… but i think those that we talked abt after “viewing” the exhibition was much more scandalous.

then go home. read horoscope, wah quite accurate leh i think.

Saturday, Nov 29th, 2008 — You may want to go into hiding today, but your need for seclusion won’t likely last too long. Treat this urge with the respect it deserves, especially if you have been putting out a lot of energy into the social sphere. Don’t confuse your current desire for inward contemplation with moodiness. There’s nothing wrong with creating healthy boundaries so you can replenish your spirit.

ya lor from appear offline then the end decided to go online ZZZ. but also no mood to talk to ppl le. shall do quiz la.

okay nvm i can’t copy and paste from jiali.

i think i very unlucky these days. this few days. wat the_. why now why did you pop back. distraction, wahlao can’t even play neopets properly. pathetic score of 25 for meerca chase, eating dung instead of doughnuts for hasee bounce, losing money for stock market(i know this one has no link, but it followed the streak of bad luck…) T_T

…i shldnt think so much lor seriously. lalala lets enjoy the hols while we can.



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