adopt a deadly sin now!

yup now, or when next year start you wont have the chance to. savour your holidays while you can! haha random random. greed lust wrath gluttony envy pride sloth, surely one would be in someone(anyone?) right. apparently i’ve been with ppl who dun have any of those this year. or at least i think so.

anyway, my bro got some DS emulator so i can play harvest moon ds! yeah tried it out ytd but i think i got severe coordination problem with the mouse and keyboard, so er will try it again when i feel like it. ๐Ÿ™‚ dee ass, di airs, DS! how nice can my bro be?!

but on the other hand, the other bro is the complete asshole. at least for ytd la. i think one day when i really cannot stand him i’d make him swim in the toilet bowl or something. sigh so zhuai3, better become lawyer then.


cleaned out a cupboard i used last time. lots of memories. pokemon cards, birthday presents, cards, certificates etc etc.

1. pokemon card! really really old. i got it when i was p2 i think or p1, i dunno. woohoo the misty deck, still as good as new cos i havent seen/touched it for very long.

2. abacus! haha learnt it in p1. actually it kind of made me like maths.

3. paperweight! i made in p3/4/5 i think. a rock, er to weigh down the papers. i used alot of acrylic paint from someone heheh.

4. the biggest birthday card! i rmb it’s from sec one, from many many ppl. ๐Ÿ˜€ and it’s sort of a reminder for their birthdays too la. i braved through the rain with it that day.

5. box of presents. self explanatory, but i din really used them. :X

6. er something huishan gave. a box of something to soak the feet i think.

yeah better take photos before they get crushed/start rotting or something. really miss the good old days.

i’m getting the feeling that next year will be pretty troublesome. in all aspects. somehow, but then again, i may be paranoid. again.

anyway, that’s harvest moon. yeah cute stuff la.

used to have better images. before the comp crashed. and before everything went wii/ds/playstation.

ahhh so bored, that’s why i’m posting images lor.


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