by the way

today was quite uneventful.

training, then eat with minping again -.- the ultra picky eater. dun think will be eating out any time soon, feel like saving up during the hols. which shld be the best time to spend money too, but yeah hols have less expenses so shld be able to save more lor. saving for security maybe. training tmr in school, must rmb to buy gao zhi.

can’t rmb anything interesting in particular. oh yeah had a weird dream/nightmare ytd. got this maniac killer(?) uh just a killer with psychotic problems and psychic powers unfortunately, going around killing ppl. and the killer actually looked like someone i know. more like a combination of people la, but felt like i know the person. then i was caught and i rmb it was quite freaky. i rather commit suicide than to be killed by the person(cos earlier in the dream the person was describing to me how he killed someone, which was kind of like happy tree friends la). so i requested that if he really want me to die, just seal me up in a box and let me die in there. uh i dunno how i get this kind of idea in a dream either. i dunno/cant rmb how it ended cos the alarm clock rang by that time. not like a heart-thumping dream, but the content itself is pretty… PG.

haha anyway i rmb this conversation. huishan complaining that her plaster at the middle finger dropping.
gen: why your middle finger injured?
me& hs: cos point too much.
first time i answer something so long at the same time with another person hahaha. i think still got some funny conversations here and there too la.

-warning: super long chunk of probably crap ahead.-

and i think sometimes adults are… not necessarily sensible, smart, capable, everything good. sometimes when you look around and realise you’re probably going to grow up into how grown-ups are, it feels kind of weird. esp when you used to always say you’d never ever act/feel/think the way they do. when i was young i used to think adults are like… (sorry for the lack of appropriate vocab to describe)… near godly. like they’d never make mistakes, can live with no tv(?!), get wonderful jobs, earn buckets of money, get perfect bf/gf, get married, give birth to kids like us, grow old happily, retire with happy family/plenty of money/happy everything. then the cycle repeats itself.

but as i grow older, i sort of see adults with many many many more flaws. and the part where i say i dun want to be in a particular way like them is here. but at the same time, i realised parts of me are like them alr. of course not in the near godly way. i dunno how to really describe this and i’ve alr been stuck in this chunk here for a very long time. but to make things short, i’m starting to wean off the need for tv, find almost every cartoon too kiddish/boring, yet it’s something that was part of me since i first saw tv.

it’s either the tv sucks or i’m growing up. either way doesnt seem like very good news.

but actually, sometimes adults are very much like kids too. just maybe more vulgar/refined. eh the !@@#$% customer always dun pay up may equate to the someonesomeone always dun want to return me the somethingsomething one. whining, and the idea of not getting back something that was originally yours in the first place.

right, shall stop here. must rmb there is training tmr and must buy gao zhi.
anyway, i think i shldnt give up so easily. >:)

and you’re gone, from all the ways where i can reach.


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