so truthful

the cid4 ppl din contact us… i’m guessing we are not in. 😦 wahlao if only i worked harder and slacked lesser this year. maybe suddenly really become very smart and get super good grades and get invited. that’s maybe, but still…. anyway my sciences are the most okayokay only so ya lor, quite low chance of getting in. although the presence of yongen in the group shld have helped.

woke up at 7.30, training was at 8. so yeah chionged there. gen wasnt here, so had to play setter………………………………………… and some !@#$%^& asshole stepped on my specs. but actually i think my specs really not bad leh, i mean after being you know, hit/stepped/smash/anything else, i can always bend it back. not exactly as good as new, but still wearable. although i feel weird wearing it now. headache and the floor looks slanted.

after training went to eat kfc with minping huishan seowrong micole and jiali joined us after a while. been eating alot recently. that usually happens when i feel like damn extreme la, like ultra happy or upset. but that’s usually. dun feel anything now la. i’m the only one who finished the share lor(one drumlet, 2 pcs chicken, coke, mashed potato). but i was really hungry la. and talked for damn long, like endless topics to talk abt. maybe cos sometimes we’d still end up linking back to the same stuff la. like very long never see them or something, although it has only been a week.

btw the wound tore open again. so yeah, i’m convinced to use plaster. the dettol body wash thing makes me smell like a toilet. but nvm la i guess can kill germs. eh is it good to poke blisters?

maybe i’m being superstitious la, but i taking back 9 and quitting everything else. like for whatever i do apart from that, feels like i have to compensate it or something. yeah the year’s ending, shld be a good thing.

deleted the smses. no point keeping tangible memories that conflict with what exactly is happening now. better to keep them in the back o the brain la, look at them some other time instead.

oh yeah happy birthday congwan(shang dao zao shang)! 🙂 eh why i older than you but your legs so much longer than mine haha.


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