how to save a life

being wet to dry + running around+ vivo aircon + huishan? = some weird fever that popped out of nowhere. but actually other ppl also went thru the same thing wat, why i so suay. woke up at 7 plus still 37 something so din go for training. ate medicine then woke up again later, then so much better alr. keep falling sick this year zzzzzzzz.

i dunno how to describe the outing ytd. but i feel like striking out the previous post la. so… er thats a good thing i guess. šŸ™‚ 13 ppl went(me, jiahui!, kathy, katherine, wenli, songyan, yonglim, junfei, chikan, leonard, siqi, tongyao, jingzhan). kathy and jz scandalous hairy ppl. yeah and i think english songs and nice lor, better than chinese ones. slow until want to sleep, and like not much variations one. ok i know alot of ppl will come kill me la, but sch hols alr so wont die so soon anyway. -so sorry, missed out jiahui’s name previously-

then had mass conversation last night. can literally make you LOL one. er, it was beyond words can explain. hahaha was one of the last to leave the conversation(like for once in my life!). can from suan-ing ppl talk to the aids show to seven princess to guys or girls better to thinking of msn name to put for all 3e ppl to whether eat ice heaty or not. stuff like that, dunno if i missed out anything though. haha i realised usually when i’m online i dun talk alot to many ppl. at most only ask abt hw. esp for 3e ppl. but when mass convo, it’s really quite crap lor and yeah, din expect it to be so fun.

next year 4e alr. so fast, 10 mths have passed with me grumbling abt so much. this year somehow felt wasted, to be honest. but kind of felt like sec 1 too. really hope next year will be more fun! šŸ˜€

oh yeah before we left sch. had to clean classroom before we get back results. quite happy to see almost everyone doing something. wipe here wipe there, scribbling off permanent marks on the whiteboard, sweeping, brushing eraser dust off tables, finally lining the rubbish bin with plastic bag cos later eraser dust drop out, wiping the walls… i think we took it quite seriously or something. hahaha dunno la but still seemed to have fun. :]

then results slip….. i guess my results still okay la. got 69s and 74s. so near yet so far apart. teacher’s comments are abit unexpected. gentle and poised….. (aside) ahhh omg?!?!?! O.O got the fan thingy back alr. where you pass around then ppl who get it just write stuff abt you. got like 5 ppl write i think. mostly say i funny/lame lar. then still got the weird but make-sense theories lolllll. thats what happens when i sit next to you for a term i guess hahaha. except i din talk to the other person who sits next to me also. feel kind of guilty for that la. yonglim they all made a thankyou note for the teachers and everyone signed! ehhh yeah thankyou although sometimes i dun really like you.

got to learn to let it go šŸ™‚


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