I wish you were a stranger I could disengage

no outing tmr.

after typing 777 words of lies for lang arts and not yet finishing, i decided to drop by here.

sometimes i think i think too much, did too little. maybe it’s i dun want to do, or can’t be bothered. i’m not quite sure either. but i guess i’m not cut out to be one. i’m sorry.

that aside,

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY BRO!!!!! so stop acting like you are 15(i am the one who is 15!). identity crisis. continue to cook good food for dinner, hope you get out of army soon. 🙂

i’m sorry.

sometimes the failure feeling can get so sickening. when you dun even feel like salvaging it. i think i better quit. i rather be a very good follower than be a terrible leader. seriously cos i dunno how to be one and i think there’s no point in saying you are born with it cos, WHAT DO YOU KNOW REALLY. i’m so sorry i’ve wasted a year for you.

at least it’ll be over soon.
why do horoscopes make things seem so easy all the time. i never really believe in them though. cos if it’s true then 1/12 of the world is going through the exact same predicament.

anyway, dinner was like new year. steamboat. so full……..

i like my new FF theme! wooh it’s black! green!!!!!! and orange. :]

finally finished nineteen minutes. like the first time i ever finished something so thick.

you know, if you dump all the negative stuff aside, there are still some stuff around that makes you happy too. bad things happen so that the good things will seem really good. LIKE THE NEW FF THEME 😀


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